Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Letting go of Fear

Uncle Vijaya was present as scheduled to present his ever hilarious Dhamma Talk - Letting Go of Fear". The theme is timely as the world is searching for the diasappearance of the MAS aircraft MH370.
The session started with a 5-minute metta sharing for MH370.

Right now many would not dare to be embarking on a long haul trip by aeroplane. Hahahaha... to quote Uncle Vijaya's anecdote....

Two people were talking about how people died.

Person A : Most of my ancestors died at sea.
Person B : Oh..... if I were you then I wouldn't go to sea.
Person A : How about you then, where do most of your ancestors died?
Person B : Well, most of my ancestors died in bed.
Person A : Ha... If I were you then I wouldn"t go to bed.

Such hilarious story to start the topic of Letting Go of Fear. FEAR is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. How appropriate.
Not knowing is giving rise to fear. Human wants to be in the know otherwise there is a lot of fear.
In Buddhism it is about fear of Suffering, Fear of the effects of Karma, fear of discomfort and what causes it.
Fear about the future and trying to predict what's going to happen is all but a Fantasy. The cause of it  self-grasping, That's for sure.

How to end FEAR is to begin to do something about it that is  face it head on.

From what is dear, grief is born
From what is dear, fear is born.
For someone freed from what is dear,
there is no grief,
So Why Fear??

Let it Go!

Saddhu Saddhu Saddhu to Uncle Vijaya for such an enlightening talk.

May All Be Well and Happy.

Monday, 10 February 2014

PHBS celebrated the Lunar year of the Horse

9th February 2014

The Lion Dance led the way for the start of the Lunar year. Drums rolled and the sound of crackers was enough to tell the neighbourhood .... we are celebrating... come n join us!!
PHBs is after all a centre of sharing,  to do good  and to practise the  Buddha's teachings to meditate , to find inner peace or even to catch up with friends or neighbours.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Sunday Dhamma Talk Schedule 2014

Sukhi Hotu,

 A small society,PHBS is trying  level best to arrange activities to bring the community of Putra Heights to get to know the profound teachings of the Buddha. It has been more than 2000 years and the Dhamma is applicable until today. 

Svakkato Bhagvato Dhammo,
sandithiko akaliko ehipassiko, 
opanayiko paccatam veditabho vinnuhiti
Well-expounded is the Exalted One's dhamma, to be seen here and now, not delayed in time (inviting one to) come and see, leading inwards, to be seen each wise man for himself

Please refer to the schedule of talks that have been lined up. For the time being these are the speakers who have committed. We will update the table from time to time when our Dhammaduta got the green light from the Dhamma speakers.

Hopefully we will not let go of this opportunity to listen to the Dhamma

May all be well and happy always. Happy New year to All !!!
Dhamma Talk Schedule 2014
Jan 5

Jan 12
Bro Tan Han Chin
100% Freedom

Jan 19
Bro Ngeow V C
Refuge to the Triple Gems - the gateway to genuine happiness

Jan 26
Ven. Rou Ti

Feb 2

Feb 9

Feb 16

Feb 23
Ven Rou Ti

Mar 2

Mar 9
Uncle Vijaya
Letting Go

Mar 16
Ven Rou Ti

Mar 23
Uncle Vijaya
Self Discovery

Mar 30
Ven Rou Ti

Apr 6

Apr 13
Bro Ananda Fong

Apr 20
Bro Charlie Chan


May 4

May 11
Bro Benny Liow
Dighajanu Sutta

May 18
Sis Chan Kah Yein
An Honest Look at Metta

May 25
Ven Rou Ti

Jun 1

Jun 8
Bro Ngeow VC
How to Overcome Your Difficulties

Jun 15
Bro Koh Mui Man
Developing Buddhist Teenagers in the Dhamma Way

Jun 22
Bro Ngeow VC
Finding True Meaning in Life

Jun 29
Bro Ngeow VC
Developing Positive Relationships

Jul  6

Jul 13

Jul 20
Bro Tan Huat Chye

Jul 27

Aug 3

Aug 10

Aug 17

Aug 24

Aug 31

Sep 7

Sep 14

Sep 21

Sep 28

Oct 5

Oct 12

Oct 19

Oct 26

Nov 2

Nov 9

Nov 16

Nov 23

Nov 30

Dec 7

Dec 14

Dec 21

Dec 28

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